21 June, 2011

Bluebonnet Road 6"x6" $95.00 framed SOLD

Decided to knock out one more painting for the River Art Gallery before I get to San Antonio on Thursday. I use a dryer called Liquin that I mix with my colors as I paint. It allows the paint to dry in 24 hours. I really like it because oils can get muddy if you mix wet on wet and I do not have the patience to wait for days or weeks to let a layer of paint dr
y before making corrections-and ther are ALWAYS corrections to be made!
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20 June, 2011

Open Road 8"x16" framed 225.00

That last photo of the barn had a shine on the right hand side so I re-took the pic and this one is better. That other red barn on the right side of the painting is important in balancing the big red barn on the left. Probably only the artist would notice but maybe you can see the difference.
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Open Road 10"x20" $225.00

My Art Stroll in Huntsville last week was the best ever. I sold five paintings and handed out tons of cards. People were so receptive and welcoming even when I told them I was from Texas! So as a thankyou to all my Alabama patrons-here is an Alabama barn and road. I have made quite a few paintings out of this old barn and the tractor in the shade. The shape of the barn as well as the bright harsh light of the afternoon still captivates me.
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16 June, 2011

Cows in a Row $195.00 SOLD

Don't know why I love cows but I do. Maybe because they are so non threatening. Or maybe because they have no expectations-like expecting to be ridden like a horse--way scary to me!
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