27 June, 2016

Riverwalk Break 5"x5" gallery wrapped $75. SOLD

My Littles (4"x4")  and Smalls(5"x5")  are selling well at the Riverwalk.  I am starting to include more people in these and they are a fun challenge.

24 June, 2016

Street Dancing San Antonio Style 20"x20" gallery wrapped $325

Love this dancer series.  I start with a computerized image of my photo.. But then I start inventing and balancing and deleting.  For instance in this piece there were lots more people in the background.  the computer just makes a jumbled mess of it.  its my job as the artist to make sense of it , yet still retain that crazy fun color !

09 June, 2016

Riverwalk Reflection 10"x10" gallery wrapped $195

I loved the design of the umbrella shapes against the grid of windows.  By adding the bridge in the relection,the umbrella shape is inverted and ties it all together.

04 June, 2016

Marjket Suare dancers. Gallery wrapped 30"x30" $425

Not sure if this is finished yet.  Will let it sit for a few days.