31 December, 2014

Riverwalk Shade 10"x20" $325.00 SOLD

Here is the new surface--canvas on hardwood.  I like it just fine.  A little rougher than regular but I like that texture so plan to do more.  In this painting I just loved the back lighting and the way the trees framed the upper portion of the scene while the foliage at the bottom did the same--so cool and inviting!

27 December, 2014

Riverwalk on Fire 10"x20" $325.00 SOLD

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!  We sure did with way too many presents, lots of wine and good food and little ones making us laugh and remember Christmases past.  I started this one before Christmas so now just finished up.  Just bought some new painting  surface and am anxious to try with my next painting.  It is a hardwood panel with a gessoed surface so will probably look and feel somewhat different from traditional canvas.  One thing that attracted me to it is that it is 3/4 inch thick and the sides can be painted so no frame required--or at least you can leave that option up to the customer whether they choose to frame or not. Frames are always problematic for the artist.  They are expensive and often what one person may like does not appeal to another.

11 December, 2014

New gallery! Art on 12 in Wimberly, Texas

Just recently I was invited to join a new gallery that recently opened in Wimberly , Texas.  Wimberly is an artsy little town about 10 miles west of San Marcos.  It is known for its art and for its lavendar fields.  The gallery owners have turned a charming old building into a very great looking gallery and the art is varied and top notch.  I believe I nabbed the last available wall space as so many artists applied to join!  It is located right on hwy 12  and on the left hand side of the road if you are coming from San Marcos.  So now you can find my work at the River Art Gallery in La Villita,  the Barry Framing and Art Gallery in Alamo Heights, and now Art on 12 in Wimberly!