27 August, 2009

Stand by Me SOLD

This will be a series of still lifes on a 12"x12" gallery wrapped canvas. I think I'll take these to Alabama with me when we go in September and try to find a gallery in Huntsville to represent me. Unlike the Riverwalk pieces these are not location specific so should do well wherever. However I do want to do some Alabama specific things too--like some lake paintings and more barns. Lots of choices but I feel the still lifes are the perfect learning tool. Am seeing an improvement in color intensity and in edge handling so plan to do more of these. The still lifes will sell for $275 plus mailing if bought off my blog site. If interested in purchasing just leave a comment on pamelaclarkson.blogspot.com.

21 August, 2009

Two for the Show SOLD

Am loving these still lifes. Think I will take a break from the Riverwalk pieces and do a series of these 12x12 gallery wrapped still lifes. Will make a nice series and so good for lost an found edges as well as boosting color creativeness. By that I mean that you can take great liberties with still lifes and stretch your bounderies. I am always trying to loosen up. In this piece I see now that the tomato to the left has an awkward and hard boundary on its right side so will have to redo that!

09 August, 2009

San Antomatios

We are back in San Antonio and great excitement as my oldest daughter, Cindy and her wonderful husband, Mark, have just become parents of a 7 lb. 4 oz baby boy named Benjamin Carter Hart. This is my first grandchild so I am over the moon--just call me Granny!!

The San Antonio Art League is having a fund raiser in November. They have asked many local artist to contribute a gallery wrapped 12x12 painting to be auctioned off. This still life will be my contribution. I am thrilled to be included and will send you all and e-vite for the opening reception. Maybe you can help me with a title as I am so bad at that. The colors reminded me of the fiesta celebration we have in San Antonio every year, but something more witty would be good--help!

My good friend Anne Hayes suggested San Antomatios for a title and I just loved that so there you are! Thanks Anne and also Beverly and Barbara who also had good suggestions.