18 February, 2014

Rose Window 6"x12" $165.00 SOLD

This is the Rose window at Mission San Jose in San Antonio.  There are 4 other missions besides the Alamo and often people don't take the time to see them all as they are sprerad out along what we call the Mission trail in San Antonio. They are well worth the effort to see and this beautiful ornate window is really a treat to see.  Now when painting this--you really have to squint and simplify the shapes or risk worrying about eery little curlique and missing the strength of this design.

03 February, 2014

Lone Star Night 6"x12" 165.00

I love the design of this painting.  It has such beautiful shapes.  The verticality of the Friendship sculpture is repeated in the verticality of the umbrella poles and the tall building in the background. Then the horizontal lines are there in the bridge and the tables of the outdoor seating.  Tieing it all together is the circular shape formed by the arch of the bridge and the fencing around the tables. I didn't make up these shapes.  They are all there if you look.  But as an artist I do manipulate the lines and colors to lead your eye through the painting..  One example would be that i added that row of lights along the top of the bridge to emphasize its horizontal pull.  I also pretty much invented the candle light on the tables because they add a glow that relates back to the stars in the sky--it all helps to unite the background with the foreground while the various shapes make it interesting--I hope!