23 June, 2013

Demos from Vaue Workshop

Had my first workshop of the summer in Huntsville.  These are the demos I did to illustrate value with front light and then back light.  The little landscape was to illustrate how values lighten with distance to create a vista.  I wish I had taken photos of some of the students work because they did really well!  I am somewhat new to this teaching business so next time I will do better and take more photos.

17 June, 2013

Chile Swirl 10"x10" $165

I think I am addicted to these still lifes!  Anything with glass and reflections--Bling Bling!  Just a reminder for all my Alabama friends--this Thursday will be the opening Art Stroll of the summer in Huntsville.  It is from 4:30 to 8:30.  Last year it was situated around the downtown square but this year it will be  by the Constitution Village also downtown at Madison and Gates Ave..  Something else new this year is that you can buy a drink and carry it around while you look at the art show--whoopie!

11 June, 2013

Sunday House Window 10"x20" $325.00

A Sunday House is quite common in Texas.  Its a house the ranchers keep in town for Sundays when they come into town to attend church.  This one is in Fredricksberg, Texas and belongs to my friend Jamie Maverick. The term "maverick" cattle came from her great grandfather's preference for no fences.

08 June, 2013

Italian Boats 10"x20" $325.00

Needed a change from the still lifes.  So looked through my photo file and came up with this view from our trip to Italy a couple of years ago.  What attracted me was the boats in the foreground in shadow and then
background all warm and bright.  Hardest part was getting the clouds to sit back in the sky.  They are light in value but can't be warmer than the sand or they pop out and you don't get that vista feeling of distance.  This is an example of how warm and cool colors can be so important.

05 June, 2013

Tomato Vanity 12"x12" museum wrapped canvas $195.00 SOLD

Maybe I should name this "How do I Look?'  Anyway lots of reflections and that is always fun to paint.  Reflections give you an opprotunity for repetition in a painting, but because each reflection is a different shape and in a different placement--it also offers variety-yea!