30 January, 2011


This day I worked on getting those shutters the right color. They were too blue so started adding a bit of orange to my mix to warm things up. What I needed was a grey that is light enough to look like white in shadow. Its all a matter of degrees and you just have to keep asking yourself-is the color too blue? too yellow or too red? Then you adjust with the opposite clor on the color wheel. I also blocked in some flowers in shadow to make the one in bright light pop even more. Tomorrow I will start working on all the greens that make the bottom part of the painting.

29 January, 2011


So here is the large 22"x32" painting I am working on. I started with the photo and a drawing made from that. What I like about this photo is the window in shadow with the flowers coming in and out of the bright light. The canvas I am using is a bit more boxy than the proportions of the drawing so I decided to add a bit more of the window.
First I established my focal point by painting the hollyhock in the brightest light. I pretty much finish this part exactly as I want it. The darkest darks and lightest lights of the painting will be in this area so that your eye is drawn there even though you may travel around the painting enjoying different colors and shapes. At this point I am not happy about the color of the window--too blue, but will let it dry and work on it tomorrow.

28 January, 2011

Shadow dance 12"x12" $195.00 museum wrap

I sure do love shadows. They make such intersting shapes-always echoing what cast them but never copying exactly. I have decided that I need a big piece for my show in Huntsville coming up in April. Took me awhile to decide what to attempt. Finally decided to do a group of hollyhocks in front of a shuttered window from a photo I took in Santa Fe some time back. And of course what attracted me to it is the shadows! Maybe I will post the progress on it as it will not be a quick endeavor. Already seeing changes that need to be made and may be interesting for you to see this process.

24 January, 2011

Shadow Land 6"x12"framed $195.00

After my last painting I felt the pressure of " oh gosh-I did something right-now can I do it again? was it a fluke?" I guess that is just human nature to have doubt so I decided to take the pressure off and just do a small landscape where I was attracted to the color and keep it simple. I used a photo I had taken last summer when my sister and I drove up to Taos and spent a few days with some San Antonio friends who also live in Taos much of the year. I have teased that I should name this Taos series "A view from Mary's house".
Sorry about the shadow from the frame-otherwihttp://www.dailypaintworks.com/outofpopup/8a80a59b-485c-46d4-ba8d-d31489dc9dafse the color of this photo is very true.

20 January, 2011

Lake Sunrise 10"x16" $265.00 SOLD

Every morning I look at Carol Marine's blog. She is an Austin Painter who paints a small painting every day. She also does larger pieces and shows in many galleries and teaches all over the US. I really admire her work--full of color and dynamic shapes and shadows and edges to die for! And I am really jealous that she is so young and "got it" so early in life. Today her blog was about how painters chase that elusive "perfect painting". Most of the time we fall short and that of course keeps us striving for "more". That doesn't mean that we view each painting as a failure. It just means that most of the time, although we would like the painting to be "more", we have to admit that it is the best we can do at this time and move on to the next painting. But once in awhile you do a painting that says you "got it" and this is one of those. There is an inner glow to this painting that makes me very happy.

14 January, 2011

The Red Barn 10"x20" $325.00 framed

Getting ready for my April show in Huntsville. Love this old barn with its old tractor in the shadows. There are lots of them in Alabama. Seems sort of a corny subject matter but I believe it is how you paint and not what you paint that is paramount.

New Mexico Patterns 12"x12" $325 SOLD

This will be my last New Mexico painting for awhile. Have to get serious about my upcoming show in Alabama. I will be the visiting artist for the Huntsville Art League for the month of April so need at least 20 paintings for the show. I do love New Mexico where my Dad retired after a career in the Army and where I graduated from UNM in Albuquerque. The desert is full of pattern and the sky never disappoints with its color.