20 January, 2011

Lake Sunrise 10"x16" $265.00 SOLD

Every morning I look at Carol Marine's blog. She is an Austin Painter who paints a small painting every day. She also does larger pieces and shows in many galleries and teaches all over the US. I really admire her work--full of color and dynamic shapes and shadows and edges to die for! And I am really jealous that she is so young and "got it" so early in life. Today her blog was about how painters chase that elusive "perfect painting". Most of the time we fall short and that of course keeps us striving for "more". That doesn't mean that we view each painting as a failure. It just means that most of the time, although we would like the painting to be "more", we have to admit that it is the best we can do at this time and move on to the next painting. But once in awhile you do a painting that says you "got it" and this is one of those. There is an inner glow to this painting that makes me very happy.

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