24 January, 2011

Shadow Land 6"x12"framed $195.00

After my last painting I felt the pressure of " oh gosh-I did something right-now can I do it again? was it a fluke?" I guess that is just human nature to have doubt so I decided to take the pressure off and just do a small landscape where I was attracted to the color and keep it simple. I used a photo I had taken last summer when my sister and I drove up to Taos and spent a few days with some San Antonio friends who also live in Taos much of the year. I have teased that I should name this Taos series "A view from Mary's house".
Sorry about the shadow from the frame-otherwihttp://www.dailypaintworks.com/outofpopup/8a80a59b-485c-46d4-ba8d-d31489dc9dafse the color of this photo is very true.

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