31 October, 2011

Riverwalk at Night 6x12 $195.00 SOLD

Had to get one more painting done beore we leave or San Antonio. The Riverwalk paintings are steady sellers and I always enjoy painting that night glow. As you can see- my eph key is still not working. Ater checking or errant Cheetos ragments and much ussing and uming and a it or two--we will be buying a new board when we get to SA!
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23 October, 2011

Snow scene re-do 10x20 $265.00

I worked on this one some more today and now I am just done. I reach a point where it gets overworked. I am not totally happy with the snow or the trees, but it is the best i can do right now--time to move on to another painting.
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22 October, 2011

Snow in Albuquerque 10x20 $265.00

Having trouble with the color on this one. The greens are dark and not showing up at all. Will try again when varnish has been applied.  The adobe color is also way too pink.
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18 October, 2011

Taos Colors 12"x16" SOLD

For the Greenhouse Competition in May 2012, I have to enter paintings that have not been offered for sale before. So I am holding back on this series of Taos paintings so I can legally enter them in that show. Seems like a hardship for artists to hold back on sales, but I suppose the gallery wants to say these have never been offered for sale before. I'm not sure I agree with that approach, but that is how it is. This painting was a lesson in simplifying all that mountain enough so that the viewer is still interested in the foreground area--but still facinated by the mountain. Its a visual tension that I think makes a painting lively!
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05 October, 2011

Senorita 16x20 framed $550.00

This painting has just won third place in oils in the annual River Art Group Show in La Villita, downtown San Antonio.  I am very happy to be in the top three.  I did this painting using photos from a live model from a workshop I took with Daniel Kaliwick.  I hadn't done a portrait in oil for quite a while although I do occasional portraits in pencil.  Portraits are good for your drawing skills because you have to get the nose, eyes, mouth etc in the right place and the right configuration--unlike say a tree or sky where you can play around with the shape and color.

04 October, 2011

Alamo #5 6"x12" framed $195.00 SOLD

This is my fifth Alamo Painting but the first time I have used this  6x12 format.  I love the dramatic lighting at night-always a challenge to paint.