30 March, 2012

Arneson River Theatre Entrance 11"x14" $575.00

I  LOVE this painting!  Every once in awhile I actually hit what was in my mind's eye when I started the painting.  Here I loved the twilight feel of the colors-caught between daylight and night--Maybe I should call it "Twilight" but then that would suggest all kinds of vampire activities on the Riverwalk--so who knows? (Only the Shadow)

26 March, 2012

Mission Espada 8"x10" $195.00 SOLD

This is the one mission I have not painted before.  It is the one furthest from my house and on our last photo trip, we ran out of time.  So this time I started with it and worked towards town.  The sun was high in the sky so that just the tops of the mission were in full light.  I think it made the stonework look really rich.
Want to invite everyone to attend the Starving Artist Art Show happening at Maverick Plaza in la Villita on April 7 and 8 from 10 to 6 each day.  There will be over 250 artists showing their art and it is free--no admission!  I will have booth #159-so stop by and visit.

20 March, 2012

Riverwalk Boogie 6"x12" $175.00

Don't know why that title came to me except that the strings of lights make a kind of staccato  movement throughout the painting.  I can imagine people out for an evening, sitting under the umbrellas and listening to some great up beat music!

13 March, 2012

Mission and Cross 11"x14" $225.00 SOLD

I am not a religious person.  Like my friend Donna says--I am a humanist!  However, the visual symbols here were nice and comforting  and I liked the complex layering of images.  The background is of course, Mission Conceptcion, here in San Antonio.  It could stand for organized religion i suppose.  Then the cross is symbolic of love and sacrifice, the tree of birth and growth with the plaster saint perhaps symbolizing the good that can be found in man (sometimes).  And maybe the wall symbolizes what I feel is often a separation between what the cross stands for (universal love) and what the church often teaches (love but only by my rules!).  I don't usually infuse my paintings with symbolism but this one was too fun to pass up!

06 March, 2012

Riverwalk Night Lights 10x20" $325.00 SOLD

Wanted to do a bit larger painting and this lighting was so dramatic I felt I could stretch and really have fun with it.

01 March, 2012

Display Easel

For some time I have had a problem with displaying my art at outdoor art shows.  I do not own a truck and all the display panels were too big to haul in my car.  I ended up having to depend on the kindness of friends with a truck to help me pick up the panels and transport them to the venue.  I also had to borrow the panels from a gallery, hoping I could get them before another artist got to them first.  I didn't want to buy the panels ( very expensive) and did not want to buy a truck (even more expensive!).  So when i saw this display easel at Dick Blick online for $130.00 It seemed the answer to my problem.  I was not disappointed!  It is sturdy and lightweight, assembles easily, and can display a dozen medium size paintings.  It also comes with a sturdy zip up bag with handles for transporting.  The best thing is that it fits in my trunk or back seat with ease.  I liked it so much that i ordered another and for under $300, I now have a good looking way to display my paintings at the shows.