01 March, 2012

Display Easel

For some time I have had a problem with displaying my art at outdoor art shows.  I do not own a truck and all the display panels were too big to haul in my car.  I ended up having to depend on the kindness of friends with a truck to help me pick up the panels and transport them to the venue.  I also had to borrow the panels from a gallery, hoping I could get them before another artist got to them first.  I didn't want to buy the panels ( very expensive) and did not want to buy a truck (even more expensive!).  So when i saw this display easel at Dick Blick online for $130.00 It seemed the answer to my problem.  I was not disappointed!  It is sturdy and lightweight, assembles easily, and can display a dozen medium size paintings.  It also comes with a sturdy zip up bag with handles for transporting.  The best thing is that it fits in my trunk or back seat with ease.  I liked it so much that i ordered another and for under $300, I now have a good looking way to display my paintings at the shows.

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