13 March, 2012

Mission and Cross 11"x14" $225.00 SOLD

I am not a religious person.  Like my friend Donna says--I am a humanist!  However, the visual symbols here were nice and comforting  and I liked the complex layering of images.  The background is of course, Mission Conceptcion, here in San Antonio.  It could stand for organized religion i suppose.  Then the cross is symbolic of love and sacrifice, the tree of birth and growth with the plaster saint perhaps symbolizing the good that can be found in man (sometimes).  And maybe the wall symbolizes what I feel is often a separation between what the cross stands for (universal love) and what the church often teaches (love but only by my rules!).  I don't usually infuse my paintings with symbolism but this one was too fun to pass up!

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Karen Bruson said...

Love your composition and color palette.