30 July, 2009

Alabama barn

I am so bad at titles for paintings. This is it until we get home to San Antonio. However, I did manage to do 6 paintings while we were here. Not bad considering all the traveling, visiting and company we had.

28 July, 2009

Back at the Ranch SOLD

Our stay in Alabama is almost over for now. We leave for San Antonio soon but will be back in September. This painting is of a view from my friend's ranch out by Helotes. Anyway--thought you might like to see how I set up for a painting. First I take lots of photos and mask off using painters tape. This is how I determine my basic shape for the painting and zone in on the focal point. Then I do a value drawing and often shuffle things around and simplify to get my final design. I find by doing the sketch I often will notice shapes and colors that I didn't notice before. I then can exagerate or eliminate to make a stronger design. For instance in this painting I made the background mountain have a more graceful shape and added some variation in the sky color.

13 July, 2009

Riverwalk at Night #10 SOLD

Couldn't resist another Riverwalk at Night. Just love the light contrasts and they sell so well!! We had a bass dinner last night--fish we caught ourselves and soooo delish.

10 July, 2009

Riverwalk Bridge SOLD

Another bridge and I love it! Have been taking lots of pictures of barns here in Alabama as well as lake photos. I am going to be painting alot of green here so the red barns are a nice counter point. But for now i am trying to stockpile some Riverwalk paintings as I sell them as fast as i paint them--love that River Art gallery in La Villita--don't miss it when you go to the Riverwalk!

07 July, 2009

Under the Trees SOLD

Here we are in Guntersville, Alabama. The photo is our view of the lake literally a few steps from our back patio. We see wild geese every morning and are warned not to feed--don't worry--geese are mean but might be pretty to paint! I have just finished my first painting here--a Riverwalk scene I'll call Under the Trees. I have set up my paints where i have pretty much this same view of the lake--incredibly beautiful and peaceful. The temps have been high 80's but by 730 at night it is wonderfully cool and breezy and perfect for walking. I think we will enjoy our month here and many more to come.