29 December, 2010

Taos Morning 12"x12"framed $375.00 SOLD

I am on a Taos jag lately. Love the raking light of early morning--especially against those mountains. This one actually came very close to what I had planned. Mainly I wanted to concentrate on the edges of things. By fracturing the edge of the mountain against the sky--it made a beautiful shape and the mountain melts into the sky the way you actually see it. The colors of the foreground are in shadow so they are richer and darker than the background.

26 December, 2010

Reworked Taos Sunrise

Merry Christmas to all! We had a great time with my kids and especially my little grandson who made this Christmas especially sweet. I had to rework this last painting after a tough review. I decided I not only didn't like the foreground but the background sucked too! Hope you can see the difference. The mountain way in the background is now flatter and not so humped looking. The next mountain now has some shape that forms a more interesting shape against the further back mountain. The foreground weeds and bushes have just been simplified and very slightly lightened so they pull forward a bit more. Also added a bit more fire to the sky and now I like this painting-whew

22 December, 2010

Sunrise in Taos 12"x24"

Decided to try a larger format this time. I like the sunrise effect but not terribly happy with the foreground area of this painting. Just doesn't look like what I had in my "mind's eye" for this painting. But after struggling and trying several different things, its sometimes better to just stop and try again in the next painting. I am happy with the trees and the houses all in shadow but the mesa area just doesn't seem very interesting. It is definitely a minor player in the painting but should still not be boring and I think its kind of boring!

12 December, 2010

On The Road 12"x12"framed $325.00

Here's that 12x12 format again. This painting came from a photo I took while we were driving somewhere in Alabama. I usually keep the camera ready for "drive by" shots when we travel. 99% are unusable but once in awhile I get lucky as with this one. I just loved the shapes the clouds and landscape formed as well as the contrast between the sunlight and shadow. Since the shapes were quite simple, I tried to loosen up on my brushwork, hopefully that helps those simple shapes to be more interesting. Now I have to stop painting for awhile and get Christmas under control!

07 December, 2010

The Gondola 12"x12" $225.00framed

I like this 12x 12 format although finding frames that size is challenging. Did find some at Gardenridge--sometimes with art included but usually just prints so take them out and pop in the painting. I am sort of skipping around on subject matter lately. But to me the goal is to improve on color, edges ,value, and shape so what ever subject helps me do that is what is important. I think I need to improve on blocking in large areas of color and yet keep them interesting--that was a problem I had with the last cow painting-how to keep all that snow area from being boring. I didn't think the painting was much of a sucess in that area so next I will work on that. This gondola painting was mostly about values and working in two major colors-orange and blue green.