29 April, 2014

Wimberly Lavendar Field 12"x12" $225.00

Recently I discovered a fabulous way to get free art lessons online.  Just go to Youtube and type in art or art demos.  OMG!  I discovered an artist named Peter Fiore and was so inspired by his bold use of color and brushwork.  I viewed his video (free) about 10 times and then sat down and painted this lavendar field painting in less than 4 hours.  Sometimes you just need to see what you like and then aim for it--fearlessly because no one is keeping score!

25 April, 2014

On the Way to Taos 12"x12" $225

For some time now I have been wanting to show my landscapes and still lifes in another gallery besides the River Art Group Gallery in La Villita.  I love the RAG Gallery but usually   show small Riverwalk oriented pieces because that is what sells there.  Anyway I submitted some images to several nice galleries in San Antonio and got a call back from one that I would be very excited   to show with.  Won't say what one yet because it is not a done deal yet.  The owner wanted a New Mexico scene and a Texas scene to decide and this is my New Mexico scene--wish me luck!

22 April, 2014

Oh Those Bluebonnets! 10"x20" $325 SOLD

A bright beautiful Texas day and the Bluebonnets were out in full force.  This was southeast of San Antonio, near Cuero.  I truly love the shapes of the Live Oaks here--all twisted and  unexpected.

10 April, 2014

Veggie Plate 8"x16" $195

I just loved the shape of these veggies.  You might notice that each one occupies about the same amount of space which could be very boring.  But the smaller amount of red in the tomato against the larger amount of green in the chiles and the pepper keep things just enough off balance to be interesting.  At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

02 April, 2014

April in Colorado 12"x24" $425

Felt like doing something larger so this is 12"x24".  Dug through my photo file and found this scene taken on a trip to Aspen a few years ago with two good women friends.  It was April but we were greeted one morning with an all white wonderland.  Such a treat for a Texas gal who seldom sees snow!  I love the foreground all in shadow and the mountain in the distance in full light--sort of the reverse of most scenes and really fun to paint.