26 June, 2009

Bluebonnets at Midnight SOLD

Am trying something new by using this gallery wrapped canvas. I think it gives a more contemporary feel to the painting and certainly helps the cost by not requiring a frame. So often by the time you pay for paint, canvas, frame and gallery commission--your net is very small. I have done this image before but added the bluebonnets this time. Some images are just haunting and I love this one.

21 June, 2009

Lunch at the Riverwalk SOLD

Catching up on my Riverwalk paintings. Thought this one really captured the feel of an afternoon on the river just relaxing and eating a great Mexican food lunch.

14 June, 2009

Rosita's Bridge SOLD

Trying to catch up on Riverwalk paintings. Want to do more of bluebonnets and the missions but never seem to have enough time. Hope that will change as i am quitting my job with Barry Framing after 15 happy years there. It is time to do the fun things in life and painting is so much fun for me!

09 June, 2009

Riverwalk Xmas SOLD

Haven't posted for awhile--just got back from a fabulous cruise up the coast of Alaska. Jim and I spent 3 days in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia before the cruise. The weather was beautiful--the scenery was unbelievable and the food was great too! We even danced almost every night--especially loved Big Band night on the ship. Was happy to find out I had sold three paintings while we were away and now am back and in the swing again. This is a painting Carla was wanting of the riverwalk christmas lights. My painting of the senorita will ahve to wait while I catch up on Riverwalk paintings so keep posted1