14 December, 2015

Riverwalk Night Little 4"x4" $55 SOLD

The Riverwalk at Night never gets old for me.

09 December, 2015

Alamo "Little" 4"x4" $55 SOLD

well, I have to have an Alamo "Little" right?  I especially like the night images of the Alamo.  Gives it a bit of magic against the stars.  Also the tourquoise blue of the sky is a great counterpoint against the basically monotone beige of the structure.  And that beige is given some drama with the golden light cast by the street light.

07 December, 2015


The "Littles" at the River Art Gallery in La Villita are starting to sell so need some replacements.  Now that our Missions have international Historic site status,  I think they will be getting more attention and therefore a good subject matter for the River Art Gallery and the great influx of tourists at the riverwalk.  Subject matter can often be the "hook" that attracts a looker--but I believe it is the color, shapes and light of the piece that turn the looker into a buyer!

05 December, 2015

Barn Shadows 4"x4" $55

I love the shadow play on this old barn.  I added that touch of red in the open doorway--the colors were so blue/green oriented that it was looking a little boring.  Also the red works as a focal point since your eye is always drawn to the odd thing in a picture that is not repeated anywhere else.

18 November, 2015

Bluebonnet tree Little 4"x4" $55

Live Oak and Bluebonnets-has to be Texas, right?
I love Live Oaks.  They have so many twists and turns that they make me think of giant Bonzai trees.

15 November, 2015

Bluebonnet Road Little 4"x4" $55

I am using some of my favorite images for these "Littles".   I originally  painted this one as a 12"x12" .  Its a challenge to simplify the details and still retain a sense of light and space in these small paintings, but I am really enjoying the freshness that comes from doing a painting at one sitting and not overworking  the details.

13 November, 2015

Taos Morning 4"x4" $55

This one I did just for myself.  This is one of my favorite images from a trip to Taos several years ago.

12 November, 2015

"Little" Riverwalk Bridge 4"x4" $55 SOLD

This one completes a set of three with a Riverwalk theme.  These will go to the River Art Gallery in La Villita.  I will do one more set of landscapes for the Art on 12 Gallery in Wimberly and see how they do.  Fun to try something different!
You can visit my blog anytime to see all of these "Littles" and many more of my paintings.  My blog is pamelaclarkson.blogspot.com.

07 November, 2015

"Littles" Riverwalk Umbrellas 4"x4" $55 SOLD

This "Little" gave me some trouble.  Not as easy as you might imagine.  Had to really edit the scene to keep the shapes and colors clean, but at the same time have enough visual information that the viewer can read in some depth of field.  I think every painting offers a lesson to be learned.  Wish I could advance my tennis every time I play!  But that's another story.

05 November, 2015

Littles-4"x4" $55.00 each set of three $150 SOLD

Some more "Littles".  Think I will do sets of three.  So three Texas landscapes-done.  Next will be three Riverwalk scenes-one done.  And then three still lifes.  Also am thinking that $45 is not quite enough once the gallery has taken its share,  so these will be $55.00 each and a set of three for $150.

03 November, 2015

Littles 4"x4" on 1" deep wrapped canvas $45 each

Decided to do some "Littles" just 4"x4".  Have noticed that there is a market for small pieces under $50.  I like the idea of original art at a small price.  I think the digital and printing technology today is impressive, but knowing you have a one of a kind original piece is priceless!

28 October, 2015

Riverwalk Boat Jam 8"x8" $145.00

Another small for the River Art Gallery.  These night scenes are always fun.  i am getting better at just suggesting people.

23 October, 2015

Willow City Loop 8"x16" $225

Bluebonnet paintings are always a challenge because they are so plentiful   in Texas.  I always try to give the painting a feeling of space and light, so this road scene with the light cutting across the road in the foreground and the background really appealed to me.  I especially like how the bluebonnets in the shadows turned out.

15 October, 2015

Friendship Sculpture 10"x10" $165.00

This one goes straight to the River Art Gallery in La Villita.  It is on gallery wrapped canvas and the sides are painted to extend the image.  This is a classic Riverwalk view with the Friendship Sculpture looming in the background.

08 October, 2015

Hawiian Night 8"x16" $195

Another one from our Hawaii trip.  This was at Paradise Cove where we went tourist and saw a hula show and ate at a luau. Tyler and Morena even got tatoos (just for fun temporary ones).

03 October, 2015

Koi 24"x40" $725

Had the urge to do a bigger piece and these koi fish from our Hawaii visit with my son Tyler and wife Morena prresented the perfect subject.  I liked the abstract qualities of the water and the layers of depth.

08 September, 2015

So What's Your Point? 20"x 36" $525

So what is it about cows.  Its like he's saying--so you have troubles.  Look at me and these silly horns!

31 August, 2015

Ghost Ranch Rain is Coming 20"x20" $525

I know, I'm suppose to be doing some more small pieces for the River Art gallery, but these Ghost Ranch images keep haunting me and I have to Paint them!

25 August, 2015

Looking through the Wine 10"x10" $145 SOLD

Always trying to approach from a fresh perspective.  The wine subject is fun, but the art subject is always the shapes and colors!

21 August, 2015

"Little One" 8"x10" $165.00

Back to some small pieces.  Such a cute little guy and back lighting is my favorite.

16 August, 2015

Georgia's Tree 24"x36" $525

This is from our Ghost Ranch visit last June.  Our wonderful instructor gave us a special tour of areas where Georgia O'Keefe had actually painted.  This tree was one of her subjects and I couldn't resist doing my version of her famous painting.

08 August, 2015

Wine with Me 10"x10" gallery wrapped $195

I love wine and doing paintings with a wine theme.  The reflections in the bottle were fun to do but also the back lighting coming through the glass!

03 August, 2015

Church Perching 12"x12" $195

Just loved the shapes of this church in Taos.  And the birds perching on top was like icing on a cake!

26 July, 2015

River Barge at Night 5"x7" $125 SOLD

Realized that I have plumb sold out all my small Riverwalk pieces so needed to do  some 5x7s.  Haven't worked this small in awhile,but am now reminded how it forces one to simplify--always a good lesson.

03 July, 2015

Ghost Ranch Brush 12"x12" $195

Loved my New Mexico art workshop.  This is that famous New Mexico light.  Nothing like it anywhere else.

28 June, 2015

Ghost Ranch Skull 20"x20" $525

My first painting since the Ghost Ranch workshop.  I am seeing a new boldness.  Not so timid with the brush and am liking the texture.  I spackled the underpainting with gesso and a pallatte knife and that gives it a real adobe feeling!  Will probably make a few adjustments.  For instance, I am now seeing the cracks in the adobe wall to the left of the skull are too evenly spaced,  giving a" railroad track" look, so will change that.

Had a good day at the Wimberly Gallery.  Had a good crowd and I sold two paintings! One was  a wine painting and the other was a Willow City cow.

23 June, 2015

When I Grow Too Old 11"x14" $225.00

Just got back from my trip to New Mexico.  Had a great visit with my 96 year old Mom and my sister Penny and I went to an art workshop at Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, New Mexico where Georgia O'Keefe lived and painted till the end of her life.  Our class emphasized creative expression, so we tried some collage and also pallatte knife that I had never done before.  This was my attempt at including collage with my painting.  Had a great teacher and a great group of students.  The Ghost Ranch was a massive treat--everywhere you looked was a Georgia O'Keefe painting looking back at you!

04 June, 2015

Willow City Cows again 12"x24" $325

Well here is that cow painting again!  I sit it aside for awhile and then it calls to me to change something!  I don't think a painting is ever really "done" if you can see a way to make it better.  Its all a learning thing  and the learning is never "done"!  Anyway I like this better--more colorful and foreground is popping forward better.

03 June, 2015

The B House

This is a gift for our good friends the Butenschons.  I love this view of their house in Georgia.  I'll be bringing this with us to the Auburn Knights reunion in July, so they have to come to get it!

29 May, 2015

Willow City Cows 12"x24" reworked $325

Had to rework this one.  Much happier with the color choices now.

25 May, 2015

Willow City Cows 12"x24" $325

I just loved the blackness of these cows against the bright background.  The dark foreground helps to balance that blackness and the bands of shadow form a great design.  I really like this one!

08 May, 2015

Bluebonnet Bovine 12"x16 $225 SOLD

Something about a cow.  Maybe it is the sweet face.  But maybe it is the way they just stare at you and seem to be saying "So what?".  Kind of puts things in perspective!

04 May, 2015

Bluebonnet Road 10'x10' $145

Love those Bluebonnets!  This is outside of Fredricksberg.  Its a private road called Willow City Loop.  We had googled where to see the Bluebonnets and this area was full of them.  Love that internet.

28 April, 2015

A Little Merlot. 10"x20" $265.00 SOLD

Another wine still life.  After all if you give Pinot a try, you must give Merlot its chance!  Both are soooo tasty!  Have been busy lately drawing portraits of my grand kids, two of which recently turned 3 and really developing their own personalities.  Will post those as soon as I figure out where I saved those files!

14 March, 2015

A Little Pinot 10"x20" $265

Just sold a wine piece at the Art on 12 Gallery so thought I would do another.  I love painting glass and also love that amber gold color of the wine--a win-win!  Should say I also love Pinot so win-win-win!

05 March, 2015

Riverwalk Lights 6"x12" $145

Here's what I'm looking at as I paint.  First I find a pic and crop it to my liking.  Then I do a value drawing that also helps me see what I want to emphasize and what needs to be down played.  Even with this preparation there are problems.  I realized that the bridge was way too dominant since it was the only curved shape in the painting.So I darkened one end and also extended the tree branches to chop into the arc shape and lead the eye back to the center of the painting.  To me it made a big difference.