29 April, 2014

Wimberly Lavendar Field 12"x12" $225.00

Recently I discovered a fabulous way to get free art lessons online.  Just go to Youtube and type in art or art demos.  OMG!  I discovered an artist named Peter Fiore and was so inspired by his bold use of color and brushwork.  I viewed his video (free) about 10 times and then sat down and painted this lavendar field painting in less than 4 hours.  Sometimes you just need to see what you like and then aim for it--fearlessly because no one is keeping score!


Lyn Belisle said...

I love the orange and lavender - really nice!

Dee McHugh said...

Hi Pam

Absolutely love this piece! Your use of color is so soothing to the eye! Terrific!