28 February, 2008

Pencil Portraits

My children have been urging me to post some more portraits on this blog. So here is an example, using my two boys when they were ages 5 and 3. All I need to draw from is a good snapshot--formal photos work too as I used with the boys. This was a picture taken at K-Mart many years ago when they would have a special and bring in a photographer. Many professional photographers today have copyright restraints on reproducing their photo in any manner, so I prefer to use snapshots. I also learned a lesson this week about posting clients portraits on my blog without their permission. I had naiively ( ie. stupidly) posted the progress of a portrait; thinking it would be of interest to the artist internet community. Like many of us I am new to this technology and ignorant of its abuses. At any rate I want to apologize wholeheartedly to that client. I will be careful to obtain permission before posting any portraits in the future. Thank goodness my boys said OK-just kidding--I still have the copyright on them!

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