02 August, 2010

Step by Step

Well, my sister is anxious for her art lessons so here goes! I am a little nervous just hoping after I give all this advice that I don't produce a "clinker"! It happens, believe me. I will send the email as the painting progresses. These first photos are the set-up. First I put down an under color to get rid of the white canvas. I like Cadmium Red Light and mix it with a little Liquin so it dries in 24 hours. I mix all my colors with Liquin so I get the convenience of drying but retain the lush colors of oil.
So the next day when my canvas is dry I can draw on my still life or whatever. I always do a value drawing first to decide on my design. I liked the jar in one photo but liked the flower in another so combined the two. I take alot of time with my drawing. Not the details but just the big shapes and where i want them. Terrible to get a painting almost done and realize the house or whatever is too high too low too left or right! I redrew the flower in this still life 3 times to get it in the right place. Where it overlaps the jar is important-that little area will lead your eye into the jar and over to the apple. Its just visual transportation!
Now I am ready to paint--see you later!

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