07 September, 2010

Wildflower Madness SOLD

This painting will be my donation to the San Antonio Art League's annual fund raiser. Wanted to do something very Texan and I love the Texas hill country in the spring when the wildflowers are everywhere--and especially when they are mixed in with that ever present stand by--the Texas cactus! Maybe I should title this "Beauty and the Beast". Any other suggestions?


Virginia Floyd said...

Very beautiful! Not the usual bluebonnet painting. I love your use of purples in this painting.

I was thinking about barbed wire and cactus, but I can't think of a catchy title.

Mary Douglas said...

Hi Pamela, I love your work, both still lifes and landscapes, clear messages and great colour. Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving a comment, so appreciated. I'm still working on so many technical and painting problems, but loving the learning. Thanks, Mary. I look forward to following your blog!