29 January, 2008

small paintings

I have been very impressed with the painting a day group so decided to try some of my own. Of course what takes them just an hour or less to toss off takes me much longer. But I like how the small size forces you to simplify.
The gallery at La Villita-The Susan Carlin Studio and Gallery I should say- is still a work in progress. Susan has been working so hard to make it really nice--new flooring, new walls, new counter and model stand. It is going to be a real living studio with the artists creating art work right there. The public can visit with us as we work and hopefully buy lots of our art! We are hoping to have the doors open in early February which is fast coming. Hope you will all stop by and say hello. I will be there every Thursday once we are open. Just check back here for updates!

1 comment:

T_Rex said...

I am intrigued by the frames, Pamela, are they handmade ?