23 October, 2014

Chilli Pot diptych each side is 6"x12"

well, it has been awhile since I last posted.  Reason for the hiatus is that Jim and I bought a new house!  We loved our little condo, but  now with 7 grandkids between us; we needed more room for get togethers and hopefully lots of future overnights.  So now we have 2600 sq feet and a fabulous patio.  Jim has become grill master extroidinaire and even cooked breakfast on the grill the other day!  So now the boxes are unpacked and I really needed to try out my new studio space which is on the upstairs landing where most would have a game room.  Decided ti start with something I love which is still life.  But this one is actually done on 2 canvases.  Plan to have it framed as a diptych and then will post a photo of that.  Which brings me to my next bit of news.  I am no longer with the Robert Hughes Gallery.  After several months there and no sales; a great opportunity came up that I couldn't pass up.  What happened was that Dan Barry, owner of Barry Framing where I worked for 15 years, decided to sell the frame shop after over 40 years.  He deserves the retirement--a truly amazing man, and a good friend who started that shop with next to nothing and built it into an amazing business (love you Dan)--anyway! I went to check out the new owner and discovered that they are making it into a frame shop and GALLERY!  Yea!  What a great location-5951 Broadway--They invited me to show my paintings and have already had a sale.  I just LOVE being still connected to the shop and hope you will all stop by to see my work.  They are still doing renovations but it will be really nice when they are done.  Sorry this is so long--bye for now and thanks to all of you for your kind comments and  encouragement!

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