15 August, 2008

still life device

Several artist friends have asked me to post my still life set-up. Its kind of hard to explain and the pictures say it all. After shopping around for a platform that would swivel and raise up and down-we finally cannabilized a garage work light that we found at Loew's for $35. On it we attached a box made from 2 24x24 squares of 1/4" plywood supported at each corner by a 24" dowel. The whole device cost about $50 and took an afternoon to build. As you can see by the reflections on the piece of glass that I placed on the floor of the box, there is alot of ambient light even in my little shot gun studio (my studio is a former balcony that we had enclosed). The whole idea for the device is so i could get truer light on my still lifes and elimimate the double shadows caused by too many light sources--outside light, overhead light and light directed where i paint. My inspiration was a device I saw on Carol Marine's blog so she has full credit or blame!

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