06 June, 2012

Portrait of Ben 15"x20"

I recently drew this portrait of my grandson, Bejamin who is almost three years old.  My daughter put it on Facebook and I have recieved alot of questions about my portraits so thought I would answer here.  The portraits are drawn on a 15"x20" acid free drawing board.  I use several different art pencils but the good old #2 school pencil does most of the work.  I used to do alot of these portraits for $100 each.  But now I charge $500 each because, frankly, they are very time consuming and I want to paint more than I want to do portraits.  John Singer Sargeant, a famous American portrait artist once said that a portrait is "a painting where the nose isn't quite right"!  And on the creativity scale from 1 to 10, a portrait rates about a 2--because it is basically copying--after all, you do want the nose to look right!  Now that I've given the negatives from the artist's side, I must give the positives from the client's side.  There is nothing more special than a hand drawn image of your loved one.  That is why I do these for all the new additions in my family-its the perfect baby and wedding gift.  I usually wait till the babies are about three and have developed some personality.  Have to admit I cried a little while doing Ben's picture-such a precious little boy and I feel so lucky to be able to show my love through my art.

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