01 July, 2012

Blue Star Interior 16"x20" $475

This is one I just did for the challenge of it.  It is of the interior of the Blue Star Brewery in San Antonio where we often go to listen to big band jazz on Tuesday nights.  Every Tuesday there is a different big band jazz group and they often play Jim,s arrangements as well as his original pieces.  It is a micro-brewery and that is brewing equipment you see in the background of this painting.  The chairs are painted wood and I loved the light coming through the window and the light coming from the brewing area so thought it would be a challenge to make it work.  Can't say I am totally happy with it yet.  May have to put it aside for awhile and then look at it again with a fresh eye.

1 comment:

Virginia Floyd said...

Wonderful composition. Love all those vertical lines in the chair backs and the architecture. This painting has a warm glow about it.