18 July, 2010

Hay Bales and Still Life

This 8"x8" of the Hay Bales I did right before the Art Stroll. The Art Stroll was lots of fun but very hot! We lucked out with a spot under the trees and enjoyed talking to people and handing out cards. I did sell a few paintings which made it worthwhile. More important was the opprotunity to connect with the Huntsville art lovers and start establishing myself as an Alabama painter as well as a Texas painter! Now I am busy creating some still lifes to replace all those sold by my darling Little Green Store Gallery on Monte Sano. This first one will start a series using apples and cherries--love the shapes and the colors. They are done on a gallery wrapped canvas that is 2 3/8" deep with no frame. They have a more contemporary feel and give me a chance to experiment more with colors, shapes and texture in my painting. They sell for $195.00

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