29 November, 2010

The Stand Off 16"x20" $325.00 framed

I am trying to do some larger paintings as I want to start entering some shows and I think the small paintings get sort of lost in the shuffle sometimes. It definitely is a different dynamic. The larger pieces take more planning and under painting. What I can do in one day takes two and I think the mistakes are more glaring but maybe that is good--At least with oil paints if you see a bad area you can repaint until you're happy!

We went to the San Antonio Art League's fundraising gala last night. It was a silent auction of the donated paintings-over 200 paintings! They started at 4 pm through 8 pm. We didn't really want to stick around for 4 hours so arrived at 6 and my painting had already been sold and gone! Don't even know what they got for it but hope it was lots and lots!

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