02 December, 2009

Riverwalk Calendar

Last year my friend Mary Ellen Matthews gave us a calendar made from photos that she took while on a trip to Africa. We have enjoyed that calendar so much and it got me thinking about making a calendar using my Riverwalk paintings as a gift for our families for Christmas. So I had a few made up and they turned out so nice, that I got to thinking that other people might like them as a gift also to give to friends and family that live here in San Antonio. So I am now offering this San Antonio Riverwalk 2010 Calendar featuring 12 of my original Riverwalk paintings for sale for $20.00 each. I guess I will have to add $5.00 for mailing so $25.00 total. Here is a preview of the cover and each month. Sorry some of the pics are not very squared up properly, but I hope you can get and idea of how it looks. It is a standard size of 8 1/2" x 11" and the date pages have plenty of room for writing. All the national holidays are noted just like a real professional calendar!

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