10 November, 2008

On Tap

What a great subject this Blue Star Brewery is. I love the low lighting and all the reflections of glass and metal. I am learning to simplify the shapes and the people. Clay Magaughy was in the frame shop the other day and we always talk about art and I always show him my latest work for a critique. He always has the best advice. He told me to keep my people in a scene like this very simple. That way the viewer can fill in the blanks. They can imagine themselves in the scene or friends they used to know or relatives--it opens up the meaning of the piece to many possibilities. I thought that was really good advice.
The color is not quite right on this photo. It should be more warm and orangey. Sometimes the camera does weird things and this was one of them. Anyway, come to my show at the Blue Star Brewery any time in January to see it for real!

1 comment:

John Vander Stelt said...

Very nice. Subtle palette of colors and very nicely done. Thanks.