01 March, 2009

Riverwalk at Night #9 SOLD

This series is selling very well. Plan to do the Fiesta River Art Show in April. It will be 3 days of camping out by the River,but the weather should be lovely and I will just set up my paints and paint every day! Right now I am working hard on my color theory. Doing some landscapes just to practice getting the colors to pop. Trying to use photo references but make the painting "more than" the photo. I am taking some time out just to experiment and not think about a finished work or what it is "suppose" to look like. Practicing not falling in love with any part of the painting so that you can be willing to change and try something in the "what if" category. Don't know why that is so hard to do. Probably because we all never want to fail. Giving yourself permission to fail is very freeing!

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