25 April, 2009

Riverwalk Sunlight SOLD

The Randolph Art League Show at the Alamo Plaza was a success in spite of the rain. We were rained out completely on Friday and Saturday was wet and not many people, but Sunday was sunny and crowded. I sold both of my Alamo paintings and some original drawings too. What was really nice was that I had several people who came to the show just to see my work--thankyou Joe and Rose ( I see a Mission painting in the future!). Also thanks to Carla who commissioned me to do not one but five paintings for her and this is the first. Since it is a redo of an old painting I tried to do it BETTER and hope I succeeded. I do think the colors are fresher and the the brushwork bolder.
Lately I have been sidetracked somewhat by a miracle that has happened to my family. My second child-a son who is 36 years old was recently hospitalized for schitzo affective-bi polar disorder. He had been ill and homeless for 10 years due to the inability to know that he was sick. This is a common problem for the mentally ill. Also he was never a danger to himself or others and therefore could not be forced into treatment. Its a long story how we finally got him on meds but he is now living with me. We are now in the process of rebuilding a life and it is not easy and the red tape is daunting to say the least. At any rate--my art has to take a back seat at this time so there will probably be no entries in shows as I had planned to do this year. However I have been one of the ten top sellers at the River Art Group Gallery in La Villita for February and March which makes me very happy. I love that little gallery and I love the Riverwalk subjects.

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