09 October, 2012

Commission piece-Hudson Homestead 12x16 $300

This is a commission piece I did for a friend.  This is the family homestead her grandfather built.  I don't normally like commissions.  Just want to paint what I want to paint, but she was so easy to work with and I ended up loving the painting.  I had planned to make use of the late afternoon sun so Jim and I arrived at the homestead about 5pm.  The light was lovely and the shadows were long but I had outsmarted myself because the house was situated so that the sun was behind it!  That meant that when I stood facing the house entrance, I was looking directly into the sun.  A blinding sun sort of swallows up any image!  Luckily those big trees helped to block some of the light and finally when the sun got low enough, the house itself blocked it and I got that nice back lit effect and some great glow colors on the porch.

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