11 May, 2008

Riverwalk and the City--SOLD

Happy Mother's Day all! Got together with my group--had to laugh as they came to my house and I cooked for them as always-some things never change, but what a great day we had. My oldest son is heading off for Fort Carson , Colorado for a new assignment with a communications squadron to support the Special Forces Unit at Ft. Carson. He is happy to be doing other than his last job which was as an recruiter. My beautiful daughters are doing great and my other son who suffers from schizophrenia is at least safe and physically healthy.
I had a happy reunion with Janice Yow Hindes last week and she has offered to reccomend me to Nanette Richardson Gallery here in San Antonio. After Jim and I get back from our dream trip to ireland and Scotland in June I definitely will be looking into that. Also plan to be painting more at the hotel lobbies of several wonderful Riverwalk hotels so will keep you posted on that. Right now I am excited about and looking forward to a workshop with C Michael Duddash at the Coppini Academy this next weekend. All is good and thanks to all for the positive comments on this blog.

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