07 December, 2008

Portrait Comission

Back from Albuquerque and just finished up this portrait in pencil. I am trying a softer focus technique that I am liking alot. It is a looser approach and as I am trying to loosen up in my painting, the drawing is following suit. This one is due back in Albuquerque for Xmas. My portraits in pencil are $250.00 per face. I have done up to six people on one board as a family portrait. I just need a clear photo to work from. You can email me the photo as an attachment and I will print it out.
The painting is a new one in the Blue Star Brewery series. I call this one "Salt and Pepper". Have to stop doing the Brewery paintings until I paint some new Riverwalk works. My small Riverwalk paintings have been selling well at the River Art Group Gallery and I need to do some more!
PS- If you click on the portrait it will enlarge and you can see my pencil technique much more clearly.

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