06 June, 2010

Lake Sunset 8"x10" $165.00 SOLD

Thought you might enjoy seeing how I start with a photo and then create a painting from it. Here you can see the photo was taken from our car and includes the bridge railing. All that is eliminated and the houses are simplified. What is left is I hope the essence of the scene--a feeling of light and shadow that is peaceful but dynamic too--boy does that sound pretentious! Actually it's just a little lake painting and I liked the shadow pattern. Yesterday we got up at 5 am, made a quick pot of coffee and were on the lakeshore by 5:30 am. Jim was there to fish and I was taking photos of the sunrise. WOW! Can't wait to start painting those light and shadow patterns! Lucky for me there was a fishing tournament in progress and lots of boats out. Seemed like they were posing just for me.

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