14 June, 2010

Sunrise Fishing 6"x12" $165.00 framed

If it seems I am sending these emails every few days--you are right! Lake living is pretty laid back so I have lots of time for painting. Right now we are experiencing some record high temperatures so playing tennis hasn't been an option. I plan to participate in the monthly Art Stroll in Huntsville in August so am busily stockpiling paintings for that event. Figure I will need at least 15 to 20 paintings for a nice showing. I am not one to worry about what to paint--for me it is the painting and not the subject that is important. So with each painting I try to do better on some aspect that I feel wasn't so good in the previous painting. I never seem to run out of things that need attention or improvement. I guess that is why painting never gets tiresome and each attempt holds promise.

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