09 March, 2011

Between SA and Austin 10"x16" $325.00 SOLD

This is a repeat of a painting I recently sold at the River Art Gallery. One of the members requested that I do a similar one for him. I have dedcided that doing repeats offers the opprotunity to improve the original and I do think this one has more drama and color than the first. Carol Marine had a quote on her blog today that I liked--"Don't try to master the painting--just try to enjoy the attempt". That can apply to many endeavors in life!
After I posted this, the client decided he wanted a little more purple here and a little more something else there and I decided to just not sell it to him! I am done with trying to copy a former painting. Its just not worth trying to correct it and create the client's vision of how it should be. It is what it is and the joy is in the attempt!

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Leicalady2010 said...

I was in the River Art gallery recently, as well as the other galleries in La Villita. Your paintings stood out magnificently.I especially like this one!I also saw your paintings at the International salon at the Greenhouse Gallery!Wonderful!(I met you at Barry Frames a while back.)Best of luck to you!

Dana Parish