11 March, 2011

Bluebonnets in the Sun 6"x6" SOLD

Am finding it weird to do these really small ones again! But at the same time I am remembering how much fun it is to manipulate colors and shapes so quickly. There is a real freedom in knowing that you can try something weird and different because if it is bad, you haven't wasted much time and energy with this small size. And that is why I really love oils--they have a great forgiveness factor!

Wanted to let you al know that you can now go to the Greenhouse Gallery site (www.greenhousegallery.com), click on "accepted entries Salon International 2011" and see all the entries in the show. You can even purchase a painting online before the show opens if you so desire. The show will be April 2 through April 22 here in San Antonio. I will be in Huntsville, Alabama at that time but want to invite you all to see the show if you can. Also if you happen to like Southwest Art magazine--look for my ad in the April issue!

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